Take Back Your Birth

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Take Back Your Birth

Birth Monopoly
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by Cristen Pascucci

You know all those times you want to say something about birth to a friend or loved one who's pregnant, but you don't want to sound pushy or risk insulting them?  This is for you.

Newly pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, and wondering what the big deal is about birth and maternity care, and why you'd do anything other than trusting your doctor?  This is for you.

"Take Back Your Birth" is six popular essays written to inform and inspire women into standing up--not standing aside--when it comes to childbirth.  It's from a mom who learned the hard way that, in the U.S., great maternity care doesn't just fall in your lap.  There's so much you can do to ensure safer, more respectful care.

It's my mission to get this kind of information into the hands of the women who need it.  Between Sept. 17 and Sept. 27, 2014, I gave away over 1,600 copies of Take Back Your Birth for free!  Now, it's available for any price you'd like to pay over $10--if you can pay $15 or $20, please do.

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The eBook includes these articles that have been read by over a quarter of a million people!

- Take Back Your Birth
- Selfish Women and Their Silly Birth Experiences
- A Healthy Baby Isn't All That Matters
- Dear Friend, Birth Doesn't Have to Suck
- You're Not Allowed to Not Allow Me
- A Midwife Changed My Life

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